Who can use exports?

Polly teams on a paid plan are able to use the export functionality in Slack. Interested in exporting your poll or survey data? Learn more

How do I export just one poll or survey?

The quickest and easiest way to do this is to initiate the /polly export  command in Slack, and select Poll/Survey Export. From the drop-down, you can select any poll or survey to export one at a time. If you choose a recurring poll or survey, then a drop-down will appear for the instance that you’d like to export.

You can also export a single poll or survey by clicking on the desired poll/survey in your dashboard from the web app, and the export button at the top of the poll details page.

What are my bulk export options?

  1. By date range
  2. Entire poll/survey history
  3. Recurring poll/survey series

Date range

You can pick and choose the start and end dates for your bulk export with the /polly export  command in Slack, as well as your Exports page on your Dashboard – this will export everything you’ve created within the range. This can be particularly useful if you’re creating monthly reports, and wish to compare results month-to-month.

Entire poll/survey history 

To export your entire poll/survey history in Slack with the /polly export command, click on the Bulk Export button, and choose Beginning of Time as the start date and Now as the end date. In the web app dashboard, navigate to the Exports page on the left-hand sidebar, and choose the dates as you would in Slack.

Recurring poll/survey series

If you wish to export all results for an entire recurring poll/survey series, then you can do this with the /polly export command, on the web app dashboard in the poll detail view, or on the Exports page on the web app.

Help! I got rid of an old export and now I need it again.

Without having to re-export the same set of data, you can easily just navigate to your Exports page on the dashboard. Here, not only can you export all types of results, it also serves as an export archive. You’ll see all of your past exports, and a button to re-download if you so choose to.

What does my export look like?

If you are exporting a poll: you will receive a raw export. This includes not only the usernames (if non-anonymous) and votes/comments, but also timestamps, poll/survey ID, userID, and so on so forth.

If you are exporting a survey: you will receive a user-by-user report. In this format, it would look similarly to a raw export, except that the responses are ordered by the responder.

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