First create a single recurring question, then add you'll be able to add more questions to it right after.

Getting Started

Step 1: author a single recurring poll

If you’d like to have a recurring survey (i.e. more than 1 question to go out with your recurring poll), you’ll first need to create a single question, then you can add more questions so they all go out at once. Options such has anonymity, hiding results, and sending via DM or in channel will carry over to subsequent questions when you add them later.

Step 2: going to the questions page

  • From Slack type /polly recurring
  • Follow the link
  • Hit the edit cog from the web page that was just loaded

edit recurring question

Step 3: adding more questions

  • Click on the add question link, and then add your question.
  • Add as many questions as you’d like
  • To have all these questions go out at once, near the top hit the “All at Once” button

add recurring question