Use the /polly command in Slack to start creating a recurring poll

Authoring from Slack

To get started: /polly "your question here"


/polly "Your question" "Voting Option A" "Voting Option B"

Example: /polly "This week's all hands meeting was a good use of my time" and hit enter.

To target a specific channel (or members of that channel) initiate the /polly command in that channel. You should see some instructions appear (image below). Choose the recurring frequency of the question from the drop-down menu.

[pick schedule from dropdown]

Then choose from the following options. Select Schedule via DM if you want users to get a notification when sending this poll out.

submit recurring question

Authoring from the web UI

To author a recurring poll from the web, type /poll and hit enter. Follow the link, add your question and options via our web form.

  • Choose the appropriate channel from the dropdown (to target a private channel, initiate the /poll command from that private channel).
  • Choose to make the question recur, and choose the frequency and time settings.
  • Hit schedule, and you’re good to go!

author recurring question web