Limited Responses

Summary: Response caps of 10 apply to recurring polls and surveys, and multi-question surveys. One-off polls have no response caps.

If you are on the free plan, you may have noticed that you’re unable to see all the responses to your recurring poll or multi-question survey. Both recurring polls and surveys are intended to be premium features available on paid plans, but we let free users get a preview of it by limiting the number of votes and/or comments to 10 responses. In the case where there are votes and comments, you’ll see up to 10 votes, and up to 10 comments. In your multi-question survey, each question will have up to 10 responses.

If more than 10 people vote, does Polly throw out those votes?

No – we keep them hidden safely in the results. When you upgrade, we’ll unlock the full suite of results for you.

What are the limits on other plans?

Here is how we enforce response caps on various plans:

  • Free: 10 responses
  • Individual: 50 responses
  • Team: 200 responses
  • Business: 500 responses
  • Enterprise: custom / unlimited

If you have questions about free or paid plans, please contact us at and someone will be happy to assist you!