There are a couple of ways you can publish a poll, submitting to the channel, and submitting via a DM

slash poll

Submit to channel: publishes the poll to the channel that you are in. For casual, social, and polls where data is generally meant to be shared, polling in channel is the recommended approach.

Submit via DM: This submits the poll to each member of the current channel, but submits it via a direct message. This provides maximum privacy, and is frequently useful for more formal questions. There are few other reasons you might want to submit it via a DM over a channel:

  • Users will get a notification because the poll is specifically targeted at them
  • If a user is not paying attentiont to activity in that channel, they may never see the poll since it will get pushed up by other conversation
  • With DM, you’re able to send reminders to only those that have not voted (see our reminder functionality). A reminder in a channel simply bumps it as a recent message.
  • In a DM, users do not see the live results until they cast a vote. So you may want to not bias the users by having them see the live results
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