You are being auto-signed in to your Polly account. Sign out, then re-install Polly.

If you’re having trouble re-installing Polly, or adding Polly to a new team, and it’s auto-signing you in to your Polly account, you’re running into a cookie issue (that we’re working on fixing!). In the meantime, you’ll need to do one of two things to fix this issue:

Scenario 1: If you’re seeing the Polly is activated screen (below), then you’ll need to try and add Polly (from from either a different browser or by using incognito/private mode.

polly activated

Option 2: If you’re getting redirected to a signed-in experience, from your user icon dropdown on the right (see below), select Install for another team. You’ll then be redirected to select the new team you’d like to install Polly to (even if it’s another team)

polly activated

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