Boost team morale with real-time insights into how your team is doing


Get a constant pulse on your team's happiness

A daily, weekly, or even bi-weekly check-in on your team gives you a constant pulse on the health of your team so you can best support them.

With Polly's research-backed templates and thoughtfully crafted questions, your team will know that you care about their wellbeing.


A frictionless experience on top of Microsoft Teams 

Whether you're new to remote work, or been doing it for decades – it's never been more important to stay connected to your team. 

Polly makes it ridiculously easy for you to stay connected with your team with an experience native to Microsoft Teams – no external log in to remember, or pesky email notifications.

Historical Pulse Results

Run a happier team with actionable trends and insights

When asked consistently, Polly's trend analysis provides perspective around a change in temperature – arming you with the tools and insights needed to take action. 


Not sure where to start for pulsing your team? Read GuideRead up on simple but meaningful questions you should be asking your WFH employees.

Start engaging with your remote team in Microsoft Teams today with Polly