Product Management Solutions


Iterate more rapidly with streamlined daily standups

Spend less time shuffling your team together for a daily standup, and more time building with asynchronous standups. Using Polly for asynchronous standups also serves as a living archive of your team's progress day-to-day, and status updates don't get lost in translation when done in Slack, as it would candidly face-to-face.

Automated Feedback

Build better products with feedback-driven planning and iteration

Drive feedback-driven processes that inform all your decisions by integrating product NPS surveys for consistent feedback to accelerate your team. And with Polly, you can measure the impact of how the overall project and sprint planning went, by comparing the sprint retrospective to the sprint prospective.

Track Projects

Track projects through completion to keep your team organized and accountable

Mid-sprint or mid-project check-ins are critical to make sure your team is on track to completion. With Polly's advanced analytics such as segmentation and filters, you can track your OKRs and drill into the areas that are underperforming or at risk, or uncover any roadblocks and opportunities before it's too late.

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