Meet Polly – where work is measured

Group 24

Measure and act on every workflow in Slack with Polly

Discover simple and effective ways to get actionable insights from your feedback in Slack

If your team lives in Slack, then you already know that your best work happens when all of your workflows are tightly integrated and centralized.

Join us as we dive into the different ways that you can start to really measure and act on your survey workflows in Slack so you can make better business decisions. We'll go over the different ways to get the most out of your survey data, how to create a culture of measurable feedback at your organization, and more!


Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • Polly basics – poll and survey creation in Slack and on the Polly web app
  • How to apply demographic attributes to segment your data by department, location, and more
  • Creating filters and cross-tabs to drill into areas of opportunity
  • Exporting your data with demographic attributes for further data manipulation
  • And more!
Samir Polly CEO

Samir Diwan, Founder & CEO of Polly