Slack Expert Round-Up: Polly's Best-Kept Secrets to Maximizing Productivity in Slack

5-part productivity hacks series with Slack experts - the Polly edition

Date: Wednesday, Dec. 6th

Time: 11am PT/2pm ET


Whether you’re a Slack power user or completely new to Slack (and Polly), there’s always new and underutilized ways to help you accomplish your most productive work in your Slack team.


Join us for the Polly edition of the 5-part Productivity Hacks Webinar Series where we’ll break down productivity best practices for Polly in actionable, bite-sized pieces that you can adopt today for a productive team. These processes and ideas are straight from the makers of Polly themselves, and we may even introduce some exciting new features coming up very soon… so you’ll be the first to know 😉


Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • Best practices for getting high participation and response rates for surveys & polls
  • Ways to automate your survey process with recurring tracks
  • Underutilized "hacks" to get Polly to do things in Slack
  • An exclusive first look at getting deeper, automated insights into your data with the new and highly-requested CSV export feature
  • And more!


Be sure to take a peek at the rest of the webinars in this 5-part series, featuring Obie, Statsbot, Growbot, and Soapbox.


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Samir Polly CEO

Samir Diwan, Founder & CEO of Polly