Polly will be installed as a webhook on a per-channel basis (so you need to do this for every channel you’d like to author Polls in).

Step 1: Get the Channel ID

  • From a web browser, open up Hangouts chat and go to the channel/room you want to poll
  • Copy the URL.
  • It should look something like this: chat.google.com/room/AAAAXXXXXXX/view
  • That AAAAXXXXXXX is your channel ID. Copy that down somewhere.

Step 2: Navigate to the configuration URL

Go to the following URL: https://chat.google.com/integration/AAAAXXXXXXX (where AAAAXXXXXXX is your channelID).

Step 3: Create a new outgoing webook

outgoing hook

Step 4: Configure Parameters

configure hook

Use the following parameters:

  • The token should be autogenerated for you
  • Regular Expression: @polly
  • URL: https://app.polly.ai/hangouts_endpoint

Hit Save

Step 5: Talk to Polly to verify settings

Message Polly with @polly hi or @polly want a cracker? to make sure you’ve successfully configured Polly in the channel.

hi polly

Step 6: Start Polling! 🎉

Here’s how