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Updating and Viewing Billing Information

Learn how to update your credit card and view past payments and invoices.

✏️Note: Updating the credit card for your plan is only available to the user that upgraded the plan.


How to update your credit card:

  1. From the web dashboard, click on your account drop-down and select Billing
  2. Locate your current card information, and click on Change to swap out your credit card
  3. Add your new card and click Submit.

✏️Note: Incase you are unable to view your updated card on file or see any attempts on drawing funds, please reach out to support


How to view your payment history and download your past invoices:

  1. From your dashboard, click on your account drop-down and select Billing
  2. Below the payment information, click on the link that says View Payment History
  3. Choose to view the invoice or download as PDF.

Need more help with invoices?

Reach out to us if you need your historical invoices or want to update address/name etc. on invoices.📝