Limited Polls

What are limited polls?

Limited polls are basic-featured polls that Polly publishes in direct message and private channels that Polly is not a part of. For example, if you are in a conversation with @jane and initiate a poll with the /polly command, then that published poll will be considered a limited poll.

If you’d like to create a full-featured poll between you and @jane , your best bet is to create a multi-person direct message, inviting both @jane and @polly.

For full-featured polls in private channels, you will just simply need to invite Polly to the channel using the command /invite @polly .

What functionality is not available in limited polls?

Since limited polls take place between you and your teammates, and Polly is not part of that conversation, Polly is unable to complete a few actions that are normally available in other channels – namely, recurring polls and scheduled polls.

Some poll actions are also unavailable – you cannot dynamically close a poll, send a reminder, or perform other similar actions. Limited polls will generally not show up in any /polly actions.

The results however are still available in your dashboard via the web app.

Deleting Limited Polls

When creating limited polls, we’ll also attach a delete button. Since deletes cannot be triggered by an external action, the only way to delete the poll will be if the author clicks the delete button. Other users that attempt to delete the message will get an error message returned to them.