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Upgrades and Cancelation

Need help managing your subscription? We've got a couple options that you can explore including upgrades, pausing, cancelation/unsubscription and refunds.

✏️Note: The Billing screen will only be visible to the billing admin (usually the subscription owner, but sometimes can be transferred to a different person) or the trial user if on a credit card trial.

Upgrading your plan

On the free plan, you’ll notice that there are plenty of opportunities to upgrade to a paid plan if you so choose to.

  • Either the Upgrade button under your Account drop-down, or
  • any of the tooltips, alerts, and banners scattered throughout your web dashboard.

From there, you’ll be redirected to the Upgrade page that shows what your current plan is, and what the paid plans are.

Canceling your subscription
If you decide Polly no longer fits your needs, you can cancel your subscription at any time.
  1. Login to your dashboard
  2. Go to your Account and from the drop-down, navigate to your Billing page
  3. Click on Cancel Subscription from the window
  4. Once you’ve clicked Cancel Subscription you’ll be asked to select at least one reason for your cancelation, with the option to provide additional feedback.
Upon submission, your subscription will be set to automatically cancel at the end of your billing cycle. You’ll have full access to your plan features up until that point, and then you will be reverted to the Free plan after your subscription has been canceled.
If you navigate back to the Billing settings, you’ll see when your subscription/trial is set to expire:
We do not offer refunds unless in the case of accidental purchases. If you believe you may have purchased your subscription in error, please contact our support team at contact@polly.ai within 48 hours of subscription purchase to request a refund.