Polly Employee Award Quickstart Guide

Nominate your teammates for 'most likely to...' awards in Slack with Polly's Employee award🏆 as a fun and creative way to acknowledge them.

Employee Award🏆 is a fun and creative way to acknowledge your teammates. From small recognitions to large shout outs, use the feature to highlight individuals and show your whole workspace, just how great someone is doing. 🎉

💡 A great way to incorporate Employee Award into your remote team experience, is to schedule a time with colleagues and jump in on a call.

Before launching the nominations, briefly explain the category you would like to play in, and any specific rules. We like to suggest only one nomination per category, and that winners give a little speech at the end. Encourage your teammates to keep things lighthearted and of course - to have fun!😄


You can run Employee Awards game from:

  • Slack Shortcuts⚡
  • Polly's App Home
  • Web App

✏️Note: Social games including Employee Award game can only be created from the web app for private channels🔒 — if polly is invited in them. 


How it works:

  1. Navigate to Slack Shortcuts⚡ and select Run Employee Award game with Polly
  2. Choose where you want Polly to post (Channel) the Employee Award🏆, the Game Speed at which participants should enter answers, and a Award Category
    running employee award game

    start employee awards
  3. Now post and start your game!🎉 A message will be sent to the channel letting members know something exciting is about to happen, and 30 seconds later, the game will begin.

posting and starting employee awards

polly employee game starting message

Once the game begins, you can nominate your colleagues by selecting or searching from the user list. Polly will reward the nominee with the most votes, in the channel at the end.

award game started

✏️Note: A thread will appear while the game progresses, posting previous questions and the winner as the game is played.

polly awards game thread

When complete, a summary of all award recipients will be posted to the channel.

winner announcement