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Polly for Enterprise Grid

Belong to an Enterprise Grid workspace? Learn more about Polly for Enterprise Grid.

Much of Polly’s functionality will largely be the same for users that belong to Enterprise Grid instances, but we’ve made a few improvements that enhances the experience – especially if you’re a part of multiple Grid workspaces.

Install Polly across all of your Grid workspaces

If you are an Enterprise Grid admin, you have the opportunity to install applications (just like Polly) across all of your Enterprise Grid workspaces.
Polly is one of the supported apps for org-wide install, which can be done with a simple click of a button—and boom, now all of your employees have access to using Polly. Installations no longer happen at the individual workspace level, and can now be done seamlessly across Grid.🎉

Quick switch to other Grid workspaces

If you’re part of multiple Enterprise Grid workspaces and have used Polly in the past, then you’re probably familiar with how confusing and painful it was to need to log out of one workspace and into another for Polly.
We’ve introduced a quick switcher at the top of the Polly web app that makes it easy to switch from one workspace to another, without having to do the log-in/log-out each time.
This is available for Enterprise Grid users only, we will automatically show the Enterprise Grid switcher if we detect that you are a part of multiple Grid workspaces that have Polly installed.

✏️Note: Any workspaces that does not have Polly installed will not appear under the Quick Switcher.

I'm on the Enterprise Grid and facing the error "no_bot_scopes_requested". What to do?


This generally happens when trying to log into the Enterprise Grid rather than a specific workspace. On the Slack login screen, you should select a workspace from the switcher on the top right hand side. If you don't see the login screen, click on this link https://app.polly.ai/install-slack-oauth and select the relevant workspace from the top right.