Polly for JIRA Service Desk Integration

With Polly for Jira Service Desk integration, you can automate gathering feedback for your service desk. Once set up, Polly will automatically send your customers a quick customer satisfaction survey when their request is resolved. The rating they provide, as well as any comments, will then be viewable both in Polly and on the Jira Service Desk issue itself.

Ideal for teams that work primarily in Slack, surveys sent via Polly in Slack ensure timely feedback, with little friction for your customers, and without overloading their inboxes.


What you will need prior to set-up:

  1. A Jira Service Desk instance
  2. A Slack workspace for your team or company
  3. Polly installed on your Slack workspace. Follow this link to install Polly for your Slack workspace
  4. Access to Polly's API and Workflows. Contact us if you do not have access

Once that has been done, we can start building your Feedback Workflow with Polly for Jira Service Desk.

Here's how you can set up the Polly for Jira Service Desk integration to start sending CSAT feedback surveys in Slack:

  1. Install the Polly for Jira Service Desk integration from the app marketplace
  2. Go to https://app.polly.ai/api and create an API token with the scope Workflows:read/write
  3. Navigate back to Jira Service Desk and create a custom automation rule
    1. In your service desk project, select Project settings > Automation
    2. Select Add rule > Create a custom rule > Continue.
    3. Edit the name and description as needed.
    4. Edit these fields to configure your rule:
       a. When this happens: choose "Issue resolution changed"
       b. If these match: choose "Resolution change" and change type: "Resolution set"
       c. Then do this: choose "Trigger a Polly Workflow" and then proceed to configure it as explained below

5. Paste your Polly API token into the input and click "Submit"
6. Customize the workflow's title and sample rate as desired, then click "Create"


7. Click the "Add" button at the top


8. Click on "Save" at the the bottom of the page, to save the automation rule.

Important notes:

  • In order to send the poll to the customer, we identify them using their email appearing on the JIRA issue. So it will only work if their email in Slack matches their email in Jira.
  • This workflow will not work for shared channel members. For example, if you work with an agency and they are in your workspace as shared channel members, the workflow will not work for the agency members.