Install and Set up AgilePolly

You can interact with AgilePolly in three ways: through the channel tab, in dashboard tab, or via message extensions. In order to start creating a Standup series in Microsoft Teams, you’ll need to install it either as a personal bot, or for your team.

Install AgilePolly for your team

To get AgilePolly set up correctly, you need to ensure that the AgilePolly bot has been installed to the team. If you just pin the tab without adding the bot, you won’t be able to create any Standups and AgilePolly won’t recognize any @ mentions.

Step 1: Add AgilePolly (bot) to your team

Step 2: Pin the AgilePolly tab to channels you’d like to see the results in. More details below.

Step 3: Start creating Standup series


Install AgilePolly as a personal bot with Message Extensions

To do so, navigate to the channel of your choosing, and click on the “...” overflow menu, at the bottom of the new conversation box. Then search for the AgilePolly app.

Note: if someone on your team has already installed AgilePolly (above steps for ‘installing for your team’), you may already have AgilePolly listed as an app. In which case, you do not need to install AgilePolly as a personal bot -- this only applies if AgilePolly isn’t already installed.

From the app marketplace, locate AgilePolly and click on the app. Then click Add.


For added convenience, you have the option to pin the AgilePolly bot as a message extension so you can eliminate the number of steps it takes to create a Standup series. It’ll always be available - and makes it that much easier to create Standups in channels that may not have AgilePolly installed, or within group chats


Pinning AgilePolly as a Channel Tab

How do I pin AgilePolly to my channel’s tab?

AgilePolly provides the ability to view a dashboard of all Standups and results and user setting access by visiting the AgilePolly tab in your channel (you should do this for every channel you plan to use AgilePolly in). If you don’t have a tab pinned, here’s what you’ll need to do:

  • Step 1: Make sure the bot has already been added to this team
  • Step 2: Hit the plus sign from your channel to add the tab
  • Step 3: Click on the AgilePolly logo from the list of available Tabs
  • Step 4: Hit the ‘Save’ button


That’s it! Now that the tab is there, you’ll have the latest and historical Standup results available to you right within Microsoft Teams!