Available Question Types in Teams

Here's a list of all the available question types including multiple choice, emoji rating scale, open ended etc along with how the Interactive Preview feature looks like

While creating a polly you have a variety of question types to choose from including: 

  1. Multiple choice (you can add upto 25 choices)
  2. 1-to-5
  3. 1-to-10
  4. Agree/Disagree
  5. Open-ended 
  6. ⭐Star
  7. Emoji polly
  8. NPS. The score is calculated as {(Promoters - Detractors) / Total responses} * 100

When you click on Create, the available options appear like the below in the authoring tab: 

Screenshot 2022-09-09 at 12.11.53 AM

💡For open ended questions e.g. ask me anything type questions, the respondents can submit only one response. If you would like them to ask multiple questions, a workaround could be that you use multiple choice question will allowing comments. The audience can add more questions as choices allowing you to receive multiple responses/questions.

✏️Note: The character limit on options for ratings questions is 2,000 characters. 
Additionally, the functionality of adding images/photos/pictures to your pollys is not available currently.

Interactive Preview feature:

As you add questions to your polly, you get to see a Preview as well on the right side, showing how the polly questions will appear in the channel/DM. You can interact with the Preview (during the polly creation) just like a respondent to get an exact idea how the polly will look for your respondents

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While creating pollys, you can also customise a range of settings including anonymity, results visibility, allowing multiple votes, comments, automated scheduling etc. More on these settings can be found here