Buying a Polly Subscription

Step-by-step guide to upgrading and buying a Polly for Microsoft Teams subscription.

You can subscribe to a plan at any time (whether you are currently on a Free Plan or a Trial) with the following easy steps: 

  1. Make sure you have Polly installed in your Team.
  2. Navigate to your Polly tab, and click the drop down arrow with the ⚙️ symbol, and then click on Upgrade plan

    Upgrading a plan - teams


    ✏️Note: If you haven't installed Polly and/or added it as a Tab yet, please read this article to learn how to do so

  3. You will be redirected to an external payment page for Polly. You should see this screen that indicates that the checkout page has opened.
  4. Once the page is opened, you may see a screen to sign in with your Microsoft Teams credentials. We ask for this information (similar to when you authenticate Polly for the first time) in order to tie your Polly subscription to your Microsoft Teams account.
  5. In the checkout screen, you are able to choose between annual and monthly billing, the number of monthly responses you need per license, and the number of licenses you wish to purchase.
  6. Please fill in your Name, Email ID (if different from the pre-filled one), and your credit card💳 details. In case you have been provided a Promo Code please enter it in the field and then click Redeem to apply the discount. Then click 💲Submit Payment to finalize.

Congratulations, you are now a Polly subscriber!🎉