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Installing Polly in Teams

Step by step guide to installing and buying Polly for Microsoft Teams

Installation and Setup


Install Polly in Microsoft Teams

Please follow the below steps to install the Polly application in your team.

1. Open Microsoft Teams, and then click the "Apps" button near the bottom left hand side of the application.

2. Search for Polly and then click the Polly icon to open up the app preview window


3. In the app preview window, hover over the "Open" button and click "Add to a team" to install the Polly app in your team.

Screen Shot 2020-10-19 at 12.46.59 PM

4. You will be prompted to select the team and channel you would like to set up Poll in, and given the option to pin Polly as a tab, for easier use!

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Adding Polly as a Tab

1. Once the Polly app has been installed in your team as per the above, navigate to your preferred channel in a Team and click the "+" to add Polly as a tab in the channel.


2. In the 'Add a tab' window, select 'Polly'

3. A confirmation screen will appear, select 'Save'

4. The Polly tab will appear, and you will be asked to sign in to your Polly account using Microsoft authentication. Click 'Sign in with Microsoft' to proceed.


5. You are now ready to start using Polly in your team.

Note: Is your tab requesting admin approval when clicking the Polly tab? Please see our troubleshooting guide for steps to resolve with your IT admin.


Adding Polly as a Messaging Extension

To be able to use Polly in Group Chat or during Meetings, the easiest way to use Polly is to add it as a messaging extension to your conversation box. You can do this by following the below steps:

1. Make sure Polly is installed in your Team as per the above instructions. Then navigate to the 'Posts' tab of the channel where you have just installed Polly.


2. At the bottom of the window where you would usually type messages, click the overflow icon (the three dots).


3. On the overflow menu that appears, find and right click on Polly, and then click 'Pin'.


4. Polly is now added as a Messaging extension, which you can use to activate Polly in any channel, group chat, or meeting.


Note: If you need help in buying a Polly subscription, please click here.

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