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Authoring a poll in Teams Meetings

Use Polly to create real-time polls and surveys directly during your Outlook Meetings in Microsoft Teams

Authoring and Voting

Pollys can be sent during your meetings but the way you create and send them varies based on how the meeting was set up.


Pollys in Meetings set up via Outlook

Follow these instructions if your meeting was set up via Outlook. You can create a meeting from the "Calendar" tab by clicking on the “+ New Meeting” button:


​If your meeting is already scheduled then click on the meeting in the calendar view and then the “Edit” button on the popup


Step 1: Add Polly to your meeting

Once you have navigated to the meeting you will need to add Polly to it. Click on the + icon at the top of your meeting


Select Polly from the list of apps that are Optimized for Meetings


Now you will be returned back to the meeting screen with Polly added as a tab

Click on the Polly tab at the top. 

Note: You will need to add Polly to each of your meetings to access this tab unless it's a recurring one.



Step 2: Creating a Polly

You can now create a Polly from scratch by clicking on the Create Button or by selecting a template.

Pro Tip: Create your own templates and access them for meetings or use one of our popular existing templates for All Hands, Pulse Surveys and more.

Polls that you have created will now appear in this meeting Polly tab:006


Step 3: Launching Pollys

You have 2 options for launching your pollys. You can send them from this meetings tab by clicking “Send Now” (screenshot above) or if the meeting has started you will see a Polly tab at the top of the meeting. Clicking this Tab will also surface your pollys along with the “Send Now” option.

Note: If the meeting has already started you can still go ahead and create new pollys from within the meeting or from the Polly tab.


Here is what the creation experience looks like from within the meeting, if you click on the “Quick Create” button in the Polly tab:



Step 4: Participating in Pollys

When you send your polly, participants can submit responses in 2 ways.

If the meeting hasn’t yet started they can go to the Chat tab for the meeting where they can find the polly and submit responses.


If the meeting has already started, participants will see the polly appear as a dialog in the middle of the screen:


If participants close this dialog without answering they can still access the polly through the chat view at the top of the screen and also through the Polly tab on the top.


Closing, Editing and Deleting Pollys

You can close pollys wherever you can send them. This can be done from the meeting Polly tab or from the Polly window within the meeting.

Similarly, you can click on … icon to edit or delete a polly from the meetings tab.


Accessing Results

Results can be accessed both from within the meeting through the polly sidebar and from outside the meeting itself (from the Polly meetings tab). As the author you can also export the results from the meetings tab.



Meeting Roles

There are 3 basic roles in the context of meetings that are set up via Outlook. Here they are along with permissions for creating and accessing pollys.

Organizer: The organizer is the one who schedules the meeting, assigns meeting roles and starts the meeting. Organizers can also create pollys.

Presenter: Presenters have almost the same permissions as the organizer but cannot remove the organizer from the session or change the Meeting Options for the session. Pollys created by a presenter are only accessible to them and not to other presenters.

Attendees: Attendees can attend a meeting but cannot present or create pollys. They can participate in pollys even if they are guest users.


Pollys in Channel-initiated meetings

To create Pollys in meetings that were initiated from a channel, please refer to our Quick Start Guide.

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