Using Polly in Microsoft Teams Meetings

Use Polly to engage with your meeting participants in real-time with live Q&A, icebreakers, trivia, and more.

By adding Polly as an application to your meeting, you can take advantage of the enhanced meeting experience for better polls, surveys, quizzes, trivia, and Q&A!🎉


When Polly is added as an application to a meeting, the attendees gain access to the application side bar during the meeting. When using the Polly side bar you get better control of all your pollys and their results during the meeting, in a simplified interface. (note: Microsoft is currently limiting the side bar to desktop client users only)

Polly for Microsoft Teams Meetings


Adding Polly as an application to your Meeting

There are two ways in which you can add Polly into your Meeting.

1. Add a Tab: To add Polly to your meeting, click on the three dots in the task bar and select ➕Add an app from the drop-down menu. Then, type in "Polly" in the search bar to add Polly into the meeting. 

add an app teams

✏️Note: Make sure you are on the latest version of MS Teams, otherwise this option will not appear. Otherwise, you'll have to add Polly via a tab into your meeting.

2. Teams Calendar: You can use the ➕Add a tab action on the meeting from the Teams calendar, or in the meeting chat with the following steps: 
  1. Edit the meeting in your Teams Calendar
  2. Select the ➕Add a tab button at the top
  3. Select Polly and then click on Add
  4. Select Save from the tab configuration page
  5. Begin creating your pollys!
Polly Add Meeting Tab

✏️Note: For the "Add a tab" to be visible, the meeting must have at least one other attendee & the calendar event must not be tied to a channel in Teams.

    Meeting preparation using the Polly tab

    Once you have added the Polly tab to your meeting, you can begin creating pollys that you will need to send during the meeting. Simply use the "Create" button on the tab, and create any questions, quizzes, or Q&A sessions you may need for your upcoming meeting! The audience will not see any pollys you create until you actually send them.


    Sending and managing pollys during the meeting

    During the meeting the Polly side bar can be used to send and manage any pollys you have prepared for the meeting, as well as create any new ones that may come up. The side bar is also required for running a Q&A session for the meeting, and where attendees can ask questions or follow along.

    Polly In Meeting Usage

    Meeting roles

    Microsoft provides 3 roles for attendees of a meeting. The users role is used to determine what level of access they have to Polly in the meeting.


    Unable to add Polly app to a meeting?

    If you're unable to add Polly to a meeting you're creating on your calendar, try the following steps:

    1. Instead of adding a channel to a scheduled meeting, leave it empty and hit send. 
    2. You'll then be able to view your meeting in your calendar. Now click on ✏️edit, for the same scheduled meeting.
      editing a calendar
    3. You'll then be able to see a ➕ sign on top which you click to add an app to the meeting. 

    4. Search for polly in the search bar and add it to the meeting.