Quizzes in Teams

Learn the ins and outs of creating a quiz in Microsoft Teams with Polly

Polly quizzes are are a great way to quickly engage your audience or class in real time, to test their knowledge! Educators use this feature to quickly and easily quiz mid-lesson, while teams use them to collaborate in real-time on many areas of knowledge.📚

Where can I create a quiz?

Polly quizzes can be used in Team Meetings as well as normal Teams channel. 

When can I create a quiz?

Quizzes can be created either in advance, and saved for use, or quickly created in real-time.

How do I create a quiz in a Teams Channel

  1. From the 📌pinned Polly tab in your Meeting Chat, select Create, and choose Quiz as your Polly type.
    Haven't pinned Polly to your Meeting Chat, or not sure how? Here's how you can add Polly to your Teams Meeting.Authoring a quiz with Polly
  2. Title your quiz, add a description (optional) and begin adding questions. You can add up to 50 multiple choice questions. Creating a quiz with Polly
  3. Each question will allow you to select a correct answer by clicking on the ✔️checkmark beside it.
     Creating a quiz question with Polly
  4. Once you have entered all of your questions and answers, configure your Quiz settings. You can choose the following settings: 
    👁️Result Visibility (show after close, hidden from audience) 
    🕗Send (now, or schedule)
    🕑Close (hour, month or manual date)Results visibility settings

  5. Click on ▶️Send now to send the quiz to your conversation. 

✏️Note: Everyone gets to see each others answers as a default except guest attendees. They won't have access to the results. As an alternative, the host can share screen or share results export so everyone can view the results


How do I create a quiz in a Teams Meeting

Clicking Save will save the quiz and you will see it ready for use in your meetings pinned Polly tab. Note that clicking Send Now will send the quiz.

✏️Note: You can only send it a single time, so only send it once when you are ready for it to be used during the meeting. Quizzes cannot be re-opened, saved as templates, or copied for reuse.

  1. Begin by creating a Teams Meetings with your chosen audience. 
  2. Once your attendees join the meeting, you'll be able to add Polly as an add app by clicking on the button > ➕Add an app.  add an app

  3. Add Polly as an app to the Meeting by clicking on Add in the new window. add polly in meeting
  4. Click on Quick Create to begin authoring your Trivia questions. quick create polly in a meeting

  5. Click on Quiz and begin authoring your polly by giving it a Title, Description (option) and enter the choices while clicking on ✅ to signify the correct answer. 
    Polly Quiz - teams
  6. Your questions will begin to display to your audience for them to choose. 
    quiz question - teams
  7. Once the Quiz ends, the results will be displayed to the audience displaying the correct choice and number of votes.
    quiz results

How do I take a quiz?

As questions appear in the right hand pane of the Live Meeting, answer each. Polly will tell you if you answered correctly and proceed to the following question until all have been answered.


How do I view quiz results?

If you have chosen to share your results after the quiz closes, you can view them in the right hand panel of your meeting. You can also view them from the Meeting Chat window within Microsoft Teams, and access them under the 📌pinned Polly tab.


💡 Quizzes are free to use for all team members, however completions count as 1 response towards your limit for the month. If you'd like to unlock more responses so you can engage even more with your team, please visit here.