Trivia in Teams Meeting

Learn about Polly Trivia in Teams Meeting through this quick guide on how it works, how to create and end a trivia game.

Polly Trivia in Microsoft Teams is a great way to engage your team with general knowledge questions in a variety of categories. Try playing trivia games once a week with your team during a social or lunch hour, to break out from normal work discourse. 

✏️Note: Trivia sessions can only be created in Teams Meetings. 

How to launch a Trivia Session:

  1. Begin by creating a Teams Meetings with your chosen audience. 
  2. Once your attendees join the meeting, you'll be able to add Polly as an add app by clicking on the button > ➕Add an app.  add an app

  3. Add Polly as an app to the Meeting by clicking on Add in the new window. 
    add polly in meeting
  4. Click on Quick Create to begin authoring your Trivia questions. 

    quick create

  5. Click on Trivia and begin creating your trivia game by choosing your 📂Category,            🤔Question difficulty, 💬Number of questions and 🕗Game speed. create trivia game

  6. Confirmation of your game as well as an invitation to play, will be visible to the audience in the meeting. 
     trivia game is beginning trivia game questions
  7. Once the Trivia game is completed, the results will be automatically displayed to all users in the meeting.
    trivia results

Once the game is completed, you can navigate to the management controls to either 🗑️Delete the Trivia or Export it's results in a .CSV file.