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Deleting, Disabling, Enabling, Pausing/Unpausing and Editing Recurring Pollys

How to stop, remove/cancel, resume or modify your recurring pollys in Slack or through the Polly web app

From Slack

Make changes to your recurring questions

To modify your recurring polly, you can use the command /polly recurring which will send you a link to edit your recurring single or multi-question polly.

changing recurring polly

From there, you can follow the same instructions on how to make changes to your recurring questions from the web app (as explained below).

Deleting or Disabling a recurring poll or survey

To delete or disable your recurring polly from Slack:

  1. Use the command /polly delete
  2. From the drop-down, select the desired recurring polly
    delete polly
  3. Select the instance that you'd want to delete (if applicable).
deleting a polly

✏️Note: The Delete button will delete only that specific instance, but not disable. Not disabling means that while the single instance has been deleted from your dashboard and/or from Slack, future instances will continue to send unless you disable.

Delete All Polly Data means that you will delete the entire recurring series, and disable it as well — your recurring polly will be gone for good.

Disable For Now is like cancelling the polly so it stops going out. This will prevent from any future pollys from sending, but your results will still live on your dashboard. You can decide to delete at any time if you wish. 

Pausing/Unpausing your recurring polly 

The best way to not disturb your colleagues when they are out of office is to pause your recurring polly. Once they are back, you can unpause/resume it. To do so:

  1. Just go to the channel where your polly is sent on a recurring instance & hit Settings
    Screenshot 2022-08-12 at 4.30.16 PM
  2. Select Pause recurring polly. This will pause the polly until you resume it manually. 

To resume it, check out the video below: 

From the web app

How to edit a recurring question

  1. Follow this link to view all your recurring pollys
  2. From the Results feed list, click on the recurring poll or survey of your choice
  3. Click on the Controls menu and view the editing options
    web app
  4. Clicking on edit gives you the option to edit future instances, or just the current / latest instance of the recurring series
    editing recurring polly
  5. Clicking on it will prompt the options to make changed to your Future or Latest surveys, including changing the schedule, the questions, settings, etc.

✏️ Note: If you have a live, recurring polly you can edit the polly setting to "show results in realtime". However, in case it is a one off (i.e. non-recurring polly), then you can't update the "don't share" setting

How to disable/delete a recurring polly

  1. From the Results feed list, click on the recurring poll or survey of your choice
  2. Click on the ⚙️Controls menu
  3. View the options to disable or delete your recurring series

Disable it if you’d like to turn it off temporarily, but may want to use it again in the future.

disabling polly

Deleting from the series overview page (where it shows all of your recurring series history) will delete the entire series - so use wisely!

To delete a single instance from a recurring polly, just click on the instance of choice, navigate to the Controls menu, and hit delete to delete just that one.

delete option

✏️Note: When you delete a series or just an instance, it will not disable your recurring series from sending - you will need to disable it to prevent it from sending again in the future.

Disabling/deleting a former employee's recurring polly

If an employee of your company workspace set up a recurring poll/survey and has left the company, we will automatically disable all future recurring polls and surveys set up by the former employee.

⚠️Note: We will only do this automatically if the user is deactivated in Slack.

Here are some instructions from Slack on how to deactivate a member's account.

How to enable a recurring polly

  1. From the Results feed list, click on the recurring poll or survey of your choice
  2. Click on the ⚙️Controls menu
  3. View the options to enable your recurring series

Screenshot 2022-02-24 at 3.37.34 AM


Screenshot 2022-02-24 at 3.37.25 AM

💡 If you don't see Delete as an option when you click on Controls then it is likely that you had created a limited polly. More on limited pollys & how to delete them can be found here