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Google Sheets Integration

Want to see your results appear in real time in Google Sheets? Learn how to set up Polly's native Google Sheets integration here.

Who can use the Google Sheets integration?

The Google Sheets integration, along with all future integrations, are only available to users on the Enterprise plan.

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What functionality is available with the Google Sheets integration?

Currently, recurring pollys are available for integration with Google Sheets. 

How to Connect to Google Sheets

  1. Login to your web app dashboard
  2. Find your recurring polly from the Results page.
  3. Click on the ⚙️Controls button and from the drop-down select Connect Google Sheets.connect google sheets
  4. You’ll be prompted to authenticate with your Google account. Once you've done that, you should see this screen:
     connecting google sheets message
  5. Once you hit Create Connection, we'll create that Google Sheet for you automatically, and you'll be able to go there directly from this screen:
google sheet connection


From where can I find the Google Sheet created once I have connected it with my recurring polly?
You can find the Google Sheet by going into your Google Account Inbox > Google Apps > Sheets.
Screenshot 2022-09-22 at 2.41.55 AM
Make sure that you access the Sheets from the same account that you selected while setting up the Google Sheets integration.

How to Disconnect Google Sheets

You can disconnect the integration at any time, or remove account access.
From the ⚙️Controls menu, simply select Disconnect Google Sheets to remove the connection. 
disconnect google sheet
And then if you ever need to manage multiple integrations at once, you can do so from the Integration button from your Account Dropdown as shown below:
enabling integrations
I am on the Enterprise plan but I don't see the option of Google Sheets in the Controls drop down. Why is that?
This happens when you are not the original owner/author of the polly meaning that this polly was shared with you by the author. You should be able to see the author's name as well right underneath the polly title.
In this scenario you can do either of the below:
1. Ask the owner to Share the polly with you with "can manage" permission

Screenshot 2022-09-30 at 1.58.38 PM

2. If the person is no longer part of the company, you can reach out to customer support for the polly transfer to you