Polly Hot Takes Quickstart Guide

Polly Hot Takes🔥 is a fun and engaging social game — ideal for sparking light conversation with team members. Learn how to send a Hot Take to your team!

Polly Hot Takes🔥 is a fun way to engage with team members in a group debate over simple, semi-controversial topics. Hot Takes have no real definitive answer, but help spark a conversation! With a bank of 550 questions (and growing!), there is a large variety of discussion potential. 

There are 3 ways you can launch a Hot Take in Slack: 

  1. Slack Shortcuts - by hitting the ⚡ button on Slack. shortcuts slack

  2. On the web app - Navigate to your polly web app dashboard > go to Templates > Work from Home category > from there you'll see the options to all the social games available. You can send a 🔥 Hot Take to any private or public channel from the web app. 
    Screenshot 2022-04-11 at 10.13.48 PM

✏️ Note: Once a Hot Take is sent, it can be edited as well from the web app. If you want to make your own Hot Take, then editing the existing one would be the hack! More around Editing here


  3.  The /polly hot takes commandpolly hot takes command

✏️Note: Social games including Hot Takes can only be created from the web dashboard for 🔒private channels — after polly is invited in them. Hot Takes can also be scheduled in advance but if you set it on recurring, the same Hot Take will go out on a recurring basis.

How it Works

The easiest is through the Shortcut button!

  1. Navigate to the shortcuts ⚡ button in Slack
  2. Select Start a Hot Take🔥 under the Polly App options. A pop up will display to send a Hot Take to your team with options
    polly hot takes message
  3. A random question will be selected, but you can press the 🔀 Shuffle Question button until you find one you would like to send to your team.
  4. Once you’ve landed on a Hot Take, then select a channel to send it to. You are now ready for the debate to begin!

Votes will be displayed in real time within the channel and are non-anonymous.

hot takes question

💡Shuffle option isn't available while creating Hot Takes from the web dashboard. For sending shuffled Hot Takes in private channels, a hack could be to create a hot take in a public channel, shuffle it and then share it in the private channel