Editing a Published Poll or Survey

Who can edit polls and/or surveys?

All users can edit polls and surveys 🎉 

Editing a published poll

Note: editing polls / surveys are only available through the web dashboard at this time. 

  1. From the web app: click on the poll you would like to edit to open the results and details, From there, click on the Controls overflow menu at the top-right and select Edit.

Editing Published Poll or Survey - web auth options1

What cannot be edited

You can edit all one-time polls and surveys as well as current instances of recurring polls and surveys, but you can not edit the following types:

  1. Closed polls and surveys

Limitations to what can be edited

Editing a Poll

You can edit the following:

  • The survey title and the survey message
  • Question title
  • Add additional options (Multiple Choice, Ranked Options, and Weighted Options only)
  • Change existing options
  • You can make questions required
  • You can make it anonymous if it was non-anonymous
  • Going from public comments to private comments
  • Allow multiple votes on an option
  • Change “Keep Open For” date (close date)

You can not modify the following parts of a poll:

  • You can’t change the existing question type
  • You can’t delete an existing option
  • Change the points allowed to allocate, or the number of options to rank
  • You can’t make private into public (you can’t turn anonymous –> non-anonymous, private comments/votes to public comments/votes, etc.)

Submitting your edits

Save Edits

When you have made your edits, you have a few options as to what to do with your existing votes. You can invalidate the existing votes, which means that the people who have already answered the poll will need to re-take the poll. The default option is that it will not invalidate votes.

You can also choose to notify the users that have already taken the poll or survey prior to your edits. For polls, they will get a link to the edited poll, and if their vote has been invalidated, they will be asked to vote again.

Editing Published Poll or Survey - Slack notification2

For surveys, the appeal message will be edited to reflect the changes you have made, for the following instances below:


When the survey has not been started by the audience member.


When the survey results have been invalidated.

Once you’re all done and hit submit, all copies of the poll/survey (whether in channel or via DM) will be updated immediately. Additionally, the message from Polly will append to say that the poll/survey has been edited.