Polly for Slack: Basic Commands, Installation, and FAQs

Learn the basics of Polly for Slack! We'll walk you through installation, basic commands, authoring your first polly, and some of the most frequently asked questions.

What is Polly? 

Polly is an engagement app purpose-built for Slack, Microsoft Teams and Zoom Apps. Polly helps internal teams of all sizes make smarter, data-driven decisions, instantly.

We believe in a world where every voice has the power to transform work, and it’s our goal to make them heard 💙

How do you pronounce Polly?

Polly is pronounced as Paul-EE 😁 hopefully, that settles the much-contested office debate once and for all!

Why use Polly?

Here are some of the reasons why Polly is the perfect app for your company: 

  • ✔️Purpose-built for Slack - purpose-built to work simply and beautifully in Slack!
  • ⏰Instant feedback - Send a polly and get responses, anonymous or voluntarily, within seconds.
  • 🎯Smart targeting - Send a polly to a channel or as a direct message to individuals in a channel to get a faster response.
  • ❓Question choices - Multiple choice? Rating scale? Open ended questions? We’ve got you covered!

  • 😀Break the ice - Bring your audience together and lighten the mood with quick, fun exercises like trivia.

How to Install Polly

You can install Polly from our Slack App Directory page, the Slack Poll and Survey homepage, or by clicking here.


How to Create a polly

Use the /polly command in Slack:

  • /polly When should we hold the meeting? to send a polly.
  • /polly "When should we hold the meeting?" "9am" "10am" "11am" with quotes to send a polly with the options populated by default.
  • /polly followed by the enter key to get a link to send the polly from our web app, or to access some other polly control options
  • /yesno Are you coming to the holiday party to author a quick thumbs-up, thumbs-down polly. 

You can also send pollys directly from the web app by going to your Dashboard and hitting the    +Create button.

Authoring a Multi-question Polly

Earlier you could only author multi-question pollys from the web app. However now you can author them from Slack as well 🎉More on how to create them can be found here.

Polly Single and Multi Question Options

You have a number of options you can enable on pollys – anonymity, displaying results or commenting either public or private, different question types, and much, much more. These options are available to you in Slack as well as in the web app. More details on each of these options are here.

Other Commands

Here’s a list of other commands available to you. 

/polly help to get some help
/polly feedback to share feedback/suggestions/ideas with us
/polly survey to bring up your past pollys (or to send a new one)
/polly template to use a saved polly template
/polly hottake to start a Hot Take🔥
/polly results to see your polly results in Slack, or get a link to a dashboard of pollys you’ve authored
/polly delete to delete a polly you’ve created
/polly remind  to send a reminder to teammates
/polly share  to share polly results with a channel or a teammate
/polly close  to close a polly
/polly recurring to get a link to edit, update, or delete your recurring pollys
/polly export to export your polly or survey data
@polly  to add polly to a 🔒private channel

✏️Note: Make sure you don't type /polly the commands in bold. Bold font puts asterisks around the command due to which it does not return the correct results.

Installation Troubleshooting

  • Trouble Re-installing Polly
    If you’re having trouble re-installing Polly, or trouble adding Polly to a new team, it’s possible a cookie is automatically signing you in. So clear the cookies and this should resolve.
  • Getting a 500 error when trying the /polly command
    It’s possible you’re running a really old instance of the app (over 18 months old!).  Try re-installing

Frequently Asked Questions 

What’s the difference between polly being used in DM vs channel?

While you can send a polly to both DMs and channels on Slack, there are a few limitations that come with sending a polly in a direct message or private channel. You will be able to create only Limited pollys — which are basic-featured pollys that Polly publishes in direct message and private channels🔒 that Polly is not a part of.

💡Learn more about limited pollys in this article.

Do you have a dashboard where all my polls are saved and I can check results in detail?
Yes! By accessing your polly web app dashboard, you can view all your current, recurring, disabled and closed pollys. This also provides a detailed view of the results for your pollys. 
Help! The polly that I created is gone and I can’t find it!
Don't worry! You can view all your open, recurring and closed pollys by typing the /polly results command on Slack.  A pop-up will appear displaying all your past pollys — just scroll to find the polly you are looking for. If this doesn't give you what you are looking for, go to the polly web dashboard polly web app dashboard.
The polly I created is appearing as sent but I don't see it in the channel. Where did it go? 
This typically happens when a polly is sent via DM. If you added multiple channels or a channel + individuals, the polly is sent not in the channel but as DM. The check box underneath gets checked by default in this case (as seen below)
audience selection
So basically, if you want polly to appear in a channel then only one channel needs to be added in the audience while making sure that the "send polly via direct message" box is not checked. The reason for this behavior is that many a times we have the same people in multiple channels so results will get skewed if the same people submit multiple responses.
Does polly work in restricted channels?
Polly can’t work in restricted channels unless the permissions are switched around.
How do I send a Polly to a channel with some external members? The channel is not appearing in the audience
The Polly bot needs to be invited to the externally shared channels (even if the channel is public). This can be done just the way you add polly to a private channel, the simplest way being the @polly command.

I might do something wrong, is there a way to test a polly first before sharing it in a large channel?

You definitely can! If you want to test out a polly on your own, you can do so by either sending a polly to yourself as a DM or creating a test channel in Slack and sending it there. Here's how you can do this:

  1. On Slack, navigate to either your own DM or a test channel
  2. Begin with the /polly command to initiate a polly
  3. Fill out all the details you wish to test out and hit Send!

✏️Note: Polly must first be invited to the channel before testing by /invite @polly command, while for DMs you will be able to create a limited polly.