Slack Quickstart Guide

How do you pronounce Polly?

Probably our most frequently asked question — is it pronounced like Pole-EE, or like the parrot, Paul-EE?

Polly is pronounced as Paul-EE 😁 hopefully, that settles the much-contested office debate once and for all!

Installing Polly

You can install Polly from our Slack App Directory page, the Slack Poll and Survey homepage, or by clicking on the button below.

Authoring a Poll

Use the /polly command in Slack:

  • /polly When should we hold the meeting? to author a poll.
  • /polly "When should we hold the meeting?" "9am" "10am" "11am" with quotes to author a poll with the options populated by default.
  • /polly followed by the enter key to get a link to author the poll from our web app, or to access some other poll control options
  • /yesno Are you coming to the holiday party to author a quick thumbs-up, thumbs-down poll. Details here.

You can also author polls directly from the web app by going to your Dashboard and hitting the Create Poll button.

Authoring a Survey

To create more complex, multi-question surveys please use the web app. You can generate a link by typing /polly survey and following the link, or you can navigate directly to the authoring web app.

Poll & Survey Options

You have a number of options you can enable on polls or surveys – anonymity, keeping voting results or commenting either public or private, different question types, letting users write-in votes, and much, much more. These options are available to you in Slack and from the web app. More details on each of these options here:

Other Commands

Here’s a list of other commands available to you:

  • /polly help to get some help
  • /polly feedback to contact us
  • /polly survey to bring up your past surveys (or to author a new one)
  • /polly template to use a saved poll or survey template
  • /polly results to see your poll results in Slack, or get a link to a dashboard of polls + surveys you’ve authored
  • /polly delete to delete a poll you’ve created
  • /polly remind* to send a reminder to teammates
  • /polly share* to share poll results with a channel or a teammate
  • /polly close to close a poll
  • /polly recurring to get a link to edit, update, or delete your recurring polls
  • /polly export * to export your poll or survey data

*these Slack commands are only available to Polly users on a paid plan. Learn more

Installation Troubleshooting

Trouble Re-installing Polly

If you’re having trouble re-installing Polly, or trouble adding Polly to a new team, it’s possible a cookie is automatically signing you in.

Getting a 500 error when trying the /polly command

It’s possible you’re running a really old instance of the app (over 18 months old!). Can you try re-installing?