Who can use demographic segmentation?

Polly users on a paid Pro plan or on a legacy Business plan can create demographic segments for their audience in Slack. Interested in segmenting your audience? Learn more

What kind of file upload can I do for my demographics segmentation?

Currently we accept .CSV forms for demographic segmentation uploads. For an accurate demographic upload, there are a few criteria to follow:

  • Demographic attributes must be the first row as column headers – each attribute is an individual column.
  • The very first column must be email: we use this to match email addresses your users have set up with their Slack accounts.
  • Every row after the attribute column headers must users and their information.

Here’s an example of a CSV upload:

demographics csv

What does “applied to responses before” mean?

When you upload a demographic roster via CSV, it applies to all of your survey responses retroactively, regardless of when you uploaded the file.

If you have only applied one demographic population, then that is automatically set as the current and will apply to all responses. But if you have more than one upload (if you’ve updated your population) for each  date that you upload a population will be the date which all responses will be applied to.

However, you can change the date for when responses will be applied to the population of choice – just click on the icon right next to the date, and select the desired date. All responses prior to the date selected, will be applied with the population upload.

How often should I update my population demographics?

It depends on how often your employee roster changes, and what your attributes are! We recommend for every big shift in employee changes to update your population demographics as necessary – for example, you just hired 100 new people and are about to send out a survey to them, you likely would want to segment your results by your new employees’ metadata.

How do I see what rows were successfully uploaded?


After you’ve uploaded a demographic population, you can either click on the File Name or the Eye icon as shown in the picture above. When you click on that, a window will pop open with all the successful rows that were imported.

Does my demographic data export with poll/survey results, too?

If you’ve already uploaded your demographic data – then yes! For all of your polls and surveys where results were either made public or confidential, then your export will include demographic data.

For confidential polls or surveys, it will include all demographic data except for usernames.

For anonymous polls or surveys, no demographic data will be included with your export.

What are the ways that Demographics files are used?

Once you have uploaded a demographics file, it's retroactively applied to all of your past results and future results as well. This is incredibly powerful because you can now splice and dice your data with powerful segmentation that you've defined. 

Specifically, you can filter your poll and survey results for attributes that you've included in your file, such as "Office Location" or "Role" to see how certain groups of segments respond to your poll/survey. 

Additionally, this information is automatically captured when you export as well. Note that demographics is only applied to non-anonymous, or confidential polls and surveys. Anonymous is truly anonymous.