Polly Help in Slack

Creating polls

Summary: Use the /polly command in Slack

The launching point to create a poll in Slack is to use the /polly command. To create a poll in a private channel or a shared channel, please make sure to /invite @polly first.

Create polls from within Slack

Type something like /polly When should we meet? and hit enter. We default to multiple choice, use the + Add options button to add voting options.  From the Poll Type dropdown, you can also select various other poll types, including open-ended questions.

For multiple choice polls, you can also allow voters to write-in options. Just make sure to enable it while you’re adding options at the bottom of the dialog box (first image shown below), or in the Advanced Options settings (second image).

You can initially add at most 4 options, but if you’d like to add more (we currently support at most 10 voting options on the free plan, and up to 100 on paid plans) you can just click on Add Choices again to add more options.

Under each multiple choice option, you also have the option to edit it, move it up or down, or delete them when you click on the  overflow menu.

If you’d like to pre-populate the initial form with multiple choice options, you can also try something like  /polly “When should we meet?” “10am” “11am” and hit enter.


Authoring a poll from the web UI

To author a poll from the web, simply navigate to https://app.polly.ai/authoring, and fill out the form and hit Create Poll.

web authoring page