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Using Polly in a Private Channel

Private channels are those which have a lock sign 🔒 next to them. When creating a Polly in a private channel through the /polly command, you will be alerted that Polly is not part of this channel.

In order to run a Polly in a private channel, it first needs to be added to the channel. This can be done in 3 different ways:

  1. Using commands:
    a. Type /invite @polly command & select Polly in the private channel chat where you want to send it.


    b. Type @polly command into the private channel chat & invite Polly by clicking "Invite Them".

  2. Add apps:  
    Use the Add an App option by going into the Integrations options in the channel's details. 

    Adding Polly To A Private Channel

  3. Shortcut menu:
    Use the slash icon to open the shortcut menu, search "Add apps to this channel" and Add Polly from the list. If Polly is already added then instead of "Add", "View" will appear against it.
    Adding Polly To A Private Channel

    💡 If you want to send polly in a public channel then adding or inviting Polly to the channel isn't required, just make sure that the Polly app is installed in the workspace & you should be good to go. Here's a quick guide on it

    Can't locate your private channel in the audience?

    Just type in your channel in the audience box without the hashtag & you will find it there. 

    ✏️ Note: You can only send pollys to a private channel that you're part of. If you are not part of the private channel, the channel won't appear in the Audience for you