What is Polly Q&A?

A quick overview of Q&A features

Our latest Q&A feature offers a comprehensive solution to facilitate better two-way feedback across important company-wide  meetings like All Hands and Town Halls.

Discover the key highlights of this feature:

  1. Submit questions: Allow audience members to submit their questions before, during, or after your live Q&A session. You’ll be able to set submissions to be public or anonymous.
  2. Manage submissions: Approve submissions, reply to them publicly or privately, and present them during your meeting using multiple layouts. We've got you covered!
  3. Additional collaborators: Add other collaborators to ensure you have the help you need to make your meeting a success. Collaborators will have control over moderating submissions, responding to them in writing and also presenting.
  4. High Participation Rates: Audience members can submit questions and upvote them without ever leaving Slack. Each Q&A also comes with a web voting link, something you can embed in meeting invites, emails and intranets. 
  5. Rich reports and exports: Access comprehensive reports and export them at any time to analyze the results of your Q&A session.

To see how it all works, check out our quick demo video and our Quick Start Guide to get started.