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Remote Essentials

Building stronger connections at

Cultivate human connection and improve team morale with social games + check-ins


 Modernizing standups at

Remote-friendly and automated standups that live where your team works best

Employee Pulse Surveys

 Building the future of work at

Get continuous insights on your team engagement with native engagement and pulse surveys


Over 100,000+ teams making better decisions

Capture quick decisions and crowdsource feedback from your peers in real-time with polls


Making meetings more productive at

Run more effective meetings with actionable insights delivered from calendar-triggered NPS surveys


Revolutionizing new hire experiences at

Keep your new hires happy + engaged through important milestones with automated onboarding feedback


Helpdesk CSAT

Revealing continuous helpdesk insights at

Understand your Helpdesk's performance with automated CSAT surveys connected to Jira Service Desk or ServiceNow


Connecting more processes together at
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Drive improvements to custom internal workflows by connecting Polly to your organization's tools



Empowering better decision making at

Get full visibility, control, and security oversight with an Enterprise offering built around your needs


The old ways of gathering insights no longer work

Polly embeds itself into your work processes to help you gather continuous insights on key internal processes.

full functionality

Built for a native experience, on the platform you know and trust 

Whether you’re on Slack or Microsoft Teams, Polly helps you get timely feedback from the right people, at the right time, in the right place.

With a frictionless authoring and survey-taking experience that lives directly in the platform, collecting feedback has never been easier.

Workflows 1

Unlimited possibilities for weaving automated feedback into your day-to-day processes 

Polly’s broad applicability and ease of use makes it dead simple to weave more automation into your workflows, such as sprint retrospectives, recurring meeting feedback, and employee pulse surveys.

You can build custom processes around some of your most critical workflows with no code, and get more time back in your day to focus on what matters most.


Empower everyone in your company to drive better decision making 

From interns to C-level execs, just about anyone can use Polly to measure and act on feedback. We empower teams of all shapes and sizes to use Polly to make more informed decisions, and increase transparency across the organization.

Polly is on a mission to make it easier to measure and act on the knowledge that drives your work.

7-Polly personal data and security

Secure, reliable, and compliant

We care deeply about your personal data and security — and we're proud to lead the way in enterprise security with Privacy Shield and GDPR compliance, data encryption, SSO, and more.

Learn more about our security practices here.

What people are saying about Polly

Nik Baron

"After replacing our weekly Google Forms email with Polly, responses to our meeting feedback questionnaire increased by 40%."
Nik Baron, Head of SEO/PR at Grammarly

Ryan Johnson

"We needed a reliable bot that operators loved and engineers trusted to get data from our team. Polly delivered."
Ryan Johnson, VP Operations at Opendoor

John Coogan

"The value of analyzing longitudinal data around a workforce cannot be understated. Until Polly, we hadn't found another way to collect this data reliably."
John Coogan, Co-Founder & CTO of Soylent

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