The best way to measure your most critical workflows in Slack

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The best way to measure your most critical workflows in Slack
Powerful yet easy surveys built to work where your team works best

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Proudly serving companies of all sizes


The leading survey solution in Slack

1-Full suite of survey functionality

Full suite of survey functionality

Do whatever you want with your survey — we're flexible. Make it anonymous, choose from any of our 8 question types, rotate questions, results in real-time, and much more.

Weave automated feedback into your existing workflows

Work smarter, not harder. We'll collect the feedback on your day-to-day processes for you so you can focus on the important stuff. No coding required.

2-trigger-based surveys
3-Polly API

Rich and robust API

Leverage Polly's API to build your own feedback-driven workflows, or connect your internal systems to programmatically access your data.


Secure, reliable, and compliant

We care deeply about your personal data and security — and we're proud to lead the way in enterprise security with Privacy Shield and GDPR compliance, data encryption, SSO, and more.

Learn more about our security practices here.

Other Features


Automated Reminders







Trend Analysis

Trend Analysis

What people are saying about Polly

"After replacing our weekly Google Forms email with Polly, responses to our meeting feedback questionnaire increased by 40%."
Nik Baron, Head of SEO/PR at Grammarly

"We needed a reliable bot that operators loved and engineers trusted to get data from our team. Polly delivered."
Ryan Johnson, VP Operations at Opendoor

"The value of analyzing longitudinal data around a workforce cannot be understated. Until Polly, we hadn't found another way to collect this data reliably."
John Coogan, Co-Founder & CTO of Soylent