Track and measure your employees' onboarding experience in Slack

Polly automates feedback collection from your new hires, giving you the data and insights you need to retain your most important asset.

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How it works

New employee onboarding
New employee check in

Create an automated and feedback-driven process for onboarding your new hires


Get your new hires onboarded and productive faster

Through periodic check-ins, Polly helps you identify key areas of optimization in onboarding so your new hires can continue on their way to success.

Reduce turnover by touching every part of the employee lifecycle

Your people are your biggest investment – both time and money. Owning the process end-to-end ensures your new hires feel welcome, adjusted, fulfilled, and valued.

Polly feedback
NPS on Polly

Get a quick pulse on your employees and company culture

With a specific dashboard just for your onboarding efforts, you can be proactive about your results, and not just reactive – so you can continue to iterate and improve your processes.

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