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Our Mission

Polly's mission is to make it easy for teams to measure and act on the knowledge that drives their work.

Our team values having a diverse, collaborative, empathetic, and welcoming culture that drives us to solve complex problems and build a product we can all be proud of. Share our same values and want to be a part of an exciting team? We're hiring! Take a look at our open positions.

Our Team

Bilal Aijazi
Bilal Aijazi

Likes making things. Calls multiple places home. Huge fan of basketball (and parrots!)

Audra Aulabaugh
Audra Aulabaugh

Mom first, runner for life, loves gardening.

Alex Carlee
Alex Carlee

California transplant. Enjoys corn chips, cats, and organizing cabinets.

Luke Denison
Luke Denison

Walks in the mountains. Prefers to sleep in a tent.

George Dickson
George Dickson

Lives to learn and build cool things with good people.

Samir Diwan
Samir Diwan

Thrives in chaos. Canadian. Wants to be an astronaut when he grows up.

Bryce Godfrey
Bryce Godfrey

Loves a good London Fog.


From the tropical rainforest. Likes long conversations.

Chris Metz
Chris Metz

Skis and surfs on the same weekend.

Douglas Mason

Prefers calls over texting. Lives in Mr. Roger's general neighborhood. Still in search of perfect todo list app.

Nhi Nguyen
Nhi Nguyen

Professional Netflix binge-watcher. Wants to see all of the world.

Lauren Hayes Brown Head Shot-2
Lauren Hayes

Arkansas native, professional 2 year old wrangler, ranch dressing enthusiast.

James Zerkel

A native of Seattle. Loves hand lettering, historical fiction, and aquascaping.

Zaw Aung

Loves to ski, run half-marathons, play muggle quidditch, Dungeons & Dragons, and being a foodie.

Caedmon Irias

Avid home improvement DIYer specializing in the demolition phase.

Phil Whitman

Loves pizza, is from the mitten state, and can jump very high.

Girish Rao

Wanders mountain trails, country roads, and second-hand bookstores. Dad x 1.

Burkey Koontz

Big fan of RPGs, Hyper Pop, and overanalyzing all forms of media.

James Fassett

Plays guitar, likes to fish and hike.

Alissa Lawrence

Yogi and talkative introvert who believes in the power of technology and manifesting with the moon.

Zain Zafar

Loves chai more than anything, into speed-cubing, YouTube addict, father of an adorable daughter.


We're fortunate to have investors that believe in us and in our mission.

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