Improve your team's productivity with automated standups in Slack

Whether you're a team of 2 or a team of 200, Polly Standups are built to scale as your team or initiatives grow in size. See how Polly Standups can improve your entire team experience: 





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Keep your team aligned and accountable

Digital and asynchronous standups in Slack means that you have a built-in system of record of the progress your team makes towards projects and initiatives. Easy to find and reference, your team will always be on the same page and accountable.

Standups async worldwide

Stay connected and in sync with your distributed peers

Face-to-face or even video-conferencing might not always be an available option for remote or distributed teams. Polly helps you stay connected to your colleagues, even if they're 7,000 miles away. Your remote teammates can participate and see what the team is working on, all on their own accord.


Standups on autopilot, so you can do your best work

No more delays, shuffling people, or random tangents – automated standups ensure that only the most important information is collected, all without taking more than a minute out of your day. You can get right back to work without ever leaving Slack.

Build a more productive team with automated standups

Say hello to seamless cross-functional coordination, and goodbye to delays, status dependencies, and a lack of a system-of-record