All of your HR workflows unified and unfragmented that lives directly in Slack.

Measure and act on all of your HR workflows from candidate interview to exit and everything in between, with minimal upkeep.

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Hiring and Onboarding Workflows


Candidate Interview


New Hire Onboarding


New Hire Follow Up


Engagement & Pulse Surveys


Exit Interview

HR Solutions

Company Wide Employee Engagement Workflows

Frictionless onboarding for you and your team

Whether your team grows or shrinks in size, we automatically detect the changes in your organization as they happen. With Polly, there's no need to go through a long onboarding – once they've joined your team, they're ready to go for all your survey needs.

A native Slack experience without the context switch

Get more meaningful results with less work. A survey that runs directly in Slack where your team is most productive, sees a much higher increase in participation and engagement as a result of the lack of context switching from web app to web app.

All Other HR Workflows
Higher Participation and Better Insights with Advanced Analytics

Uncover insights and trends with custom analysis and benchmarking

Compare and contrast trends, benchmarks, and insights across departments without doing any additional work – either upload your own roster and we'll do the matching for you, or just use your pre-defined user groups in Slack.