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Why use Polly for your HR survey initiatives?



Upload a CSV of your employee demographic data that you already keep a record of, and this information will automatically match up with your team via the email address that your team members have used to sign up for their Slack account.


You won't need to do any work beyond that – once you've uploaded the CSV, you're ready to go. The demographic attributes automatically apply to not only future results, but past results as well.


From there, you can sort and filter your results to uncover the metrics that matter most to you: is one location more engaged versus the other? Does the number of years at the company make a difference in happiness? How do the middle managers stack against each other?


These questions can easily be answered with the filters, or by exporting your data with the demographic attributes attached, and arranging your data however you wish – we like pivot tables over here at Polly!



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