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Get actionable feedback on how your organization’s managers are performing from the people that they manage, and uncover areas of opportunities for improvement and training.


Managers of staff have a huge impact on employee engagement, productivity, and workplace satisfaction – and what better way to gather continuous and actionable feedback from the people you manage than through anonymous Slack surveys?


This survey is meant to capture feedback from each employee on their direct managers’ performance, as a tool for improving overall management practices and performance across the organization. 

Template Questions:

  • I feel comfortable asking for guidance or help from my manager
  • My manager gives me actionable feedback on a regular basis
  • I am provided the autonomy that I need to do my job by my manager
  • I am provided support and opportunities that help develop my career
  • My manager collaborates and communicates effectively across organizational functions and within the team
  • What would you recommend your manager keep doing?
  • What would you recommend your manager change about their approach to management? 
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