Polly Help in Slack

Adding or removing Polly admins

Summary: Use the drop down under your user name to go to Admin Settings

To view a list of users registered as an admin for your team, choose Admin Settings from your user drop down.

admin settings

To add an admin, click on the drop-down menu and either scroll to select the appropriate user, or just start typing in the user’s Slack username to add them as an admin. To remove an admin hit the ‘x’ next to their username in the team admin list.  By default, the user that first installed Polly and any Slack admins get automatically upgraded to Polly admins.

If you are on either the Free or Starter Polly plan, the number of admins are limited – at the bottom of the window will be a banner that tells you how many admins you have left to add. You can just as easily transfer admin ownership as well – just click on the change admin button, and a window will prompt you to select a new admin.

If you’re a non-admin Polly user, you also have access to the admin settings page, just without the configuration controls that an admin would. This enables you to see who the current Polly admins are, and to request an admin change.

If you have other questions around admin control, please reach out to us.