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Stop, remove, or modify recurring polls and surveys

Make changes to your recurring questions

Follow this link to see all your polls & surveys that are recurring.  When hovering over your poll or survey card, you’ll see an edit button appear in the bottom right (you can also find this edit button on any past poll or survey that is recurring).

editing a recurring poll

Clicking on it will take you to the authoring UI where you can make changes to your poll or survey, including changing the schedule, the questions, settings, etc.

Deleting or Disabling a recurring poll or survey

Once you’ve reached the authoring/editing page, you’ll see a button at the top to disable the poll/survey. Disable it if you’d like to turn it off temporarily, but may want to use it again in the future. You can also delete the poll/survey entirely (the delete button is at the bottom of the page).

disable or delete recurring polls

Even when you delete a recurring poll or survey, we still keep all your history, so you don’t have to worry about losing any data. You’ll also be able to access those older polls from your dashboard.

Deleting a poll or survey from the dashboard

If you want to delete a recurring poll or survey that you have already sent out without having to click on the authoring page for the individual poll or survey, you can delete them from the Dashboard view. Just simply hover over the bottom right-hand corner and a trash can icon should appear for you to delete the poll or survey.

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