Polly Response Limits

This help doc will help to understand how response limits in Polly for Slack work and what they mean for you.

What do the response limits mean?

Response limits are determined by the number of responses sent to a polly or pollys during one month. On the Free plan, this limit is set at 25 responses per sender, per calendar month.

Our paid plans offer an unlimited response limit. Plan wise response limits can be found 

on our pricing page.

✏️Note: Responses are calculated per month and reset on the first of the month for all plans. Unused responses do not roll over.

What counts as a response?

response is counted as a completion of a polly that you have sent, regardless if it’s a single question polly or a multi-question polly.

For example, if I have a 10 question polly, and 29 people have completed the polly, that is counted as 29 responses.  

Additionally, even if the same user responds to several pollys within a month, each time they respond is counted as a separate response. So, if I respond to a daily standup two days in a row, that is counted as two responses. 

Help! What happens if I exceed my response limit?

For free users, if you hit or exceed your limit before the calendar month is over, you will not be able to create any additional pollys until the following month and the response limit has been reset to 0. You will still have access to all the results for pollys that you have created for that month. Users can still freely respond to a polly that has been sent even if the response count is greater than 25.

Here's an example:  I currently have 10 out of 25 available responses used for the month, and I send out another polly. If I exceed 25 total responses for the month, I will not be able to create another polly, but can still collect responses for open pollys. That means that the 26th (and more) response will not be blocked.

I am on the free plan & I hit my response limit. I then delete the pollys. Will my response limit be reset after polly deletion?

No it won't. Only un-votes lead to a reduction in your response limit consumption. 


💡 Learn more about the Polly's pricing plans for Slack here.