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Slack User Roles

Polly’s paid plans come with various roles for users. Learn how each role works, and which features it has access to.

Quickstart & FAQ

Polly’s paid plans come with various roles for users.

Sender: senders are roles granted to users on Standard and Pro Polly plans.  They have access to advanced authoring controls, more question types, better analytics, and the ability to collect responses from larger audience sizes.


Users: If you are not a Sender then by default you are a user. User’s have the ability to send unlimited one-off polls with unlimited audience sizes.

Adding senders (if you have multiple licenses)


If you have multiple seats you can assign them to other people on your workspace. To do so, you’ll need to click on your Polly account in the top right-hand corner of your dashboard.

Next, click on Users & Permissions. Here, you’ll see that as the payer, you are automatically designated as an Sender. From the user drop down, you can select the appropriate team members or start typing to find the person you’re looking for, and assign them a seat if you have multiple seats. You can also elect to re-assign your seat if you'd like.

Once you’re all done adding them as senders, just hit the Done button. And that’s it!

Swapping out senders seat on Standars, Pro and Enterprise Plans

As the person that purchases a Polly license, you are the owner of the Sender license by default — and we will show you who currently owns the Sender license. But if you purchased the license on behalf of someone else, you can easily switch your license to someone else in your workspace.




To do so, you’ll follow the same steps as above – just click on Users & Permissions under your Account. Instead of the additional drop-down to specify whether the user is an author or an analyst, you will only need to select the appropriate user from the user list drop-down. You can start typing to search for a user if they do not appear in the drop-down. Once selected, just hit Assign.

Analysts*: Analysts have access to the results and data created by senders. They are able to dig into the data, and export results.  In order to view results, Analysts need to be granted access to a survey, poll, or recurring set explicitly by the sender.  Analysts do not have access to create their single or multi-question pollys.

*Analysts roles are only available to users on Legacy plans.

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