Deleting and Closing a polly

As a polly author, you have control over deleting and closing it in order to disable collecting more responses.

How to Delete or Close a polly

  1. Go to View my Results from the Polly message extension, or the 📌pinned Polly tab, from the same channel as the polly you want to delete
  2. For any polly that you’ve authored, you should see an overflow menu that looks like three dots, which will open management controls. 
    teams polly example
  3. Click on Delete or Close on your chosen polly.
    Screenshot 2022-06-20 at 10.08.57 PM

This will delete the polly from the scorecard and the conversations stream.

Once you Delete a polly, we will no longer save any responses so a better option would be to Close it rather than deleting it. By default, pollys close within 14 days of creation. If you have scheduled a polly to go out later, you have the option to delete it as well. After deletion, it will not go out as per the schedule set earlier. 

💡Made a few mistakes with your polly, no need to delete it, just edit it! You can also extend the closing date by reopening the polly to get more responses.

✏️Note: For now, message extensions aren't yet supported on the Microsoft Teams mobile app, so you will need to delete or close the polly from the pinned Polly tab or from your desktop.

What do I do about a Polly that I don't recall creating but I see it in my Teams Channel now? 

The best option would be to Close it as per the steps mentioned in the help doc. Also, just to understand what happened, there could be 2 reasons as to why this happened:

  1. You polly was created & scheduled it to go out at a later time so while you hadn't created it at that time, it had been created in advance to be sent on this date. More around scheduling pollys here
  2. It was not a new polly rather a recurring polly so it went sent in the Teams Channel again as per the recurrence schedule. More on recurring pollys here

How do I stop the pollys being sent out on recurrence by an ex-employee?

You can reach out to us directly via email and we'll be sure to help you out with it!