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Viewing all Polly Results

Get a detailed insight into the polly results created in a channel.

If you don’t have a tab pinned in a channel, go pin one now!

How to view results

To analyze results in more detail:

Navigate to Polly’s tab in the channel. When you click on your tab, you will see all of your pollys summarized like this:

Here, you will see all pollys created by members of the channel, and their results. You can also perform additional operations on polly here, such as closing or deleting a polly.

If you click View Results on a polly, you will get a more detailed breakout of its results:

Seeing Voter Names

By default all pollys are not anonymous, and we populate user names as we process their vote.  You can see a quick snapshot of the voters names on the polly results in channel:

Screen Shot 2019-11-15 at 11.36.46 AM

By default we’ll collapse voter names if there are more than ~3 votes for an option, click on the show votes text to reveal the additional voter names.

💡Know more about the settings you can customise while creating a polly including anonymity, schedule, voting, question types etc