Creating Pollys in Teams

Learn how to author pollys in Microsoft Teams; installing and sending pollys

Getting Started

If you haven't installed Polly to Microsoft Teams yet, learn how to do so in this quick and simple guide!

Here is a quick video guide on setting and sending your first polly: 

HubSpot Video

From where can I create a polly?

Pollys can be created by sending from chat or from the Polly tab.

If you haven't already, here's a quick video on Adding Polly to a Chat

HubSpot Video


Sending from chat

The quickest and easiest way to start a polly, is to start typing @polly and you'll see the option to either start a quick polly, or start an advanced polly with the Poll Builder.

The quick polly allows you to input the polly question and options directly in the chat, without opening the polly builder. You can use any of the following formats, if you decide not to click on the quick polly option (which pre-populates it for you):

  • @polly What should we order for lunch? pizza, sushi . In this example, the question needs to have a question mark, and the options should be comma separated
  • @polly What should we order for lunch? / pizza / sushi . In this example, the question and each poll option need to be separated by a forward slash
  • @polly “What should we order for lunch?” “pizza” “sushi” . In this example, the question and each option needs to be enclosed in double quotes
  1. Begin by typing out the @polly command on chat, click on the suggestions tab that is prompted.

  2. The authoring window will display a selection of options, including the use of templates. Selecting Question will take you to the window for creating a new polly, with the full list of options and settings.
     Screenshot 2022-06-21 at 10.54.58 AM

    Screenshot 2022-06-21 at 10.54.51 AM
  3. From there select how you can select your question type, it's scheduling, delivery, anonymity and set the duration of how long the polly stays open for.
    To create a multi-question polly,  click on ➕Add another question to add more question to your existing polly.

  4. Once you're all set, go ahead and click on Send Now!

With multiple question polly we have a maximum of 50 questions. You also have the option of making the question Required. If you un-check the Required box then it means that answering that question is optional i.e. respondents can submit a polly response without answering this particular question. 

You have multiple delivery and audience options, which include:

  • Making results viewable in real-time, only after the polly closes, or hidden from the audience 
  • Making the polly anonymous or non-anonymous 

💡Created a polly but now want to update the close date? Editing feature let's you do that & a lot more!

✏️Note: The functionality of adding images/photos/pictures to your pollys is not available currently.