Free Plan for Slack

Have questions about starting a Polly free plan? We've got answers.

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What can I do on a free plan?

You will still have access to the majority of Polly’s functionality, but will be limited by responses and features. Here are the features available to you on the free plan:
  • Questions: Unlimited number of pollys and questions per polly. 
  • Responses: 25 responses/month. 
  • Use Cases: Access to Standups, Sprint planning, Remote/WFH check-ins, Engagement/Pulse surveys, Meeting/project feedback, All Hands feedback, New employee onboarding, Trivia, and Employee Awards.
  • Templates: Access to over 30+ Polly templates along with the functionality to save and share your templates. 
  • Advanced Options: Advanced authoring options such as reminders, send via DM, multi-audience targeting, and alternate aliases.
  • Data & Reporting: 45 day Results history, real time results, visualization of survey results and automated results sharing.
You are limited to viewing all results within the last 45 days. Results older than 45 days are hidden from your dashboard, and can be accessed if you upgrade or jump on a trial.

✏️Note: There is an audience limit of 500 people on the free plan for sending polly via DM but if you send it in a channel with 500 people, you should be able to. You won’t be able to see results past the first 25 responses due to the free plan 25 response limit but all users should be able to still respond to the polly.


    For further details on available plans, visit our plans and pricing page or contact us.