Polly is free as long as you want, for as many people on your team. Perfect for even the smallest to the largest of teams.


  • Great for teams new to managing workflows in Slack that might need to run the occasional poll.
  • Unlimited Polling, unlimited audience size
  • Surveys (audience of up to 25 people)
  • Anonymity and other advanced polling options
  • Up to 3 active recurring polls/surveys
  • Access to basic dashboard


Request Pricing
  • For teams looking for richer functionality. Includes everything in free and:
  • Surveys (audience of up to 250 people)
  • Unlimited survey question length
  • CSV Export
  • Up to 2 admins
  • Ability to share results directly in Slack


Request Pricing
  • For teams looking for analytics and advanced controls. Includes everything in Starter and:
  • Surveys (unlimited respondents)
  • Pulse surveys
  • Polly's employee engagement survey
  • Grant teammates read/write access to surveys
  • Unlimited Admins
  • Advanced dashboard analytics with segmentation, trend analysis, and benchmarked scores
  • Export subscriptions delivered in Slack


Custom Quote
  • For teams looking for custom or event-driven survey functionality. Includes everything in Business, and:
  • Admin restricted bot
  • Zapier Integration (coming soon)
  • API access
  • Event driven polls and surveys
  • White label
  • Custom analytics reports
  • Enterprise level customer support

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Looking for Microsoft Teams Pricing? Teams is free to use for 2018. We'll update this page as we bring in more advanced functionality.

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