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101-150 Users
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Billed Annually

Teams that want a best-in-class polling solution in Slack

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  • Polls in Slack, unlimited audience size
  • Surveys in Slack, up to 25 responses per survey
  • 6 question types
  • Anonymity and other options
  • 45 day results history
  • 1 admin



Billed Annually

Teams that want a robust and flexible Slack-first survey solution

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  • Free Plan Features
  • Surveys in Slack, up to 250 responses per survey
  • Recurring, NPS, pulse surveys
  • CSV data exports
  • Saving and using custom templates
  • Unlimited results history
  • 2 admins



Billed Annually

Teams that want to drive business decisions with powerful analytics

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  • Starter Plan Features
  • Surveys in Slack with unlimited audience size
  • Filters, cross-tabulation, and trend analysis
  • Segmentation and demographic analysis
  • Benchmarking
  • Advanced sharing controls
  • Unlimited admins

More than 500 users, or want Grid optimization? 

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Plan Features


Polling (Single Question) Free Starter Business
  • One-time / ad-hoc polling
  • Recurring polls
Limited to 25 respondents Limited to 250 respondents Unlimited
Surveys (Multiple Questions) Free Starter Business
  • One-time / ad-hoc surveys
Limited to 25 respondents Limited to 250 respondents Unlimited
  • Pulse surveys
Limited to 25 respondents Limited to 250 respondents Unlimited
  • Rotating pulse surveys
  • Polly's Employee Engagement Pulse Survey
  • Max # of questions in a survey
10 Unlimited Unlimited
Question Types Free Starter Business
  • Multiple Choice
  • Rate 1-5
  • Rate 1-10
  • Agree/Disagree
  • Yes/No
  • Open Ended
  • Net Promoter Score (NPS)
Question Options Free Starter Business
  • Anonymity
  • Multi-vote
  • Hide results
  • Private comments
  • Adding options to multiple choice
  • Set reminders
  • Scheduled poll/survey
  • Send poll/survey via Direct Message
  • Send poll/surveys to two or more channels at once
Analytics/Dashboard Free Starter Business
  • Number of admins
1 2 10
  • Access to Polly Templates
  • Save your own templates
  • CSV export
  • CSV export subscriptions delivered in Slack
  • Demographic data available in survey exports
  • Available history in Dashboard
45 Days Unlimited Unlimited
  • Ability to upload roster demographics and Metadata
  • Analysis filters (by Slack User Groups, Demographics, or Answers to Other Questions)
  • Cross-tabulations
  • Trend analysis for recurring/pulse surveys
  • Granting read/write access on a per survey or series basis
Slack Features Free Starter Business
  • /polly delete
  • /polly close
  • /polly results
  • /polly recurring
  • /polly template
  • /polly share
  • /polly remind
  • /polly export

Billing FAQ's

We calculate team pricing based on the number of active Polly users on your workspace, not the number of survey administrators for your organization. This means that for every user on your Slack workspace that has interacted with a Polly poll or survey, either as an author or part of the audience, then they are considered an active Polly user.

As an example – you work for a large, enterprise company that have 1,500 employees – but only the Sales department of 65 people use Polly consistently. Then, you would adjust the slider to 65 people and we will bill you accordingly. If your usage jumps significantly (upwards or downwards), we'll let you know that you have surpassed your usage limits before we make any billing changes.

Looking for MS Teams, Stride, or Hangouts pricing?

All of the above-mentioned platforms are free to use for all of 2018. If you wish to see more advanced functionality beyond simple polling such as surveys or event-driven functionality on any of those platforms, please get in touch with us for a custom poll or survey solution for your team.

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