How to add comments

Users can add a comment by clicking on the “Add Comment” button at the bottom of every poll. For most polls, Polly will direct you to comment on the web. slash poll

Public vs Private Comments

When authroing a poll, you can choose to have comments be public or private. * Public Comments: Everyone will be able to see everyone else’s comments. * Private Comments: Only the author will have access to comments left by users. slash poll

Anonymous Comments

You can also choose to make comments anonymous by selecting the anonymous option when authoring a poll. Currently, if you make a poll anonymous both the voting and comments will be anonymous. If comments are public, then everyone will be able to see everyone’s comments, but they will remain anonymous. If the comments are public, authors will have access to each individual’s comments, but they won’t know who left that comment.

A note about Slack’s threading

If comments are public and poll is not anoymous, then we will direct users to leave comments using Slack’s “Start a thread” functionality.

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